Central20 Original design. Made with the concept of "Do it more like Z".

Z Sport reverse lamp H.I.D kit Exclusive for Z34Processing does not have to use an adapter for exclusive use of FAIRLADY Z when attaching HID burner.
Brightness rises more markedly than a genuine by making reverse lamp H.I.D and finds visibility and the safety in the night time.
Makes it fashionable.
Kit contents
HID burner unit, ballast unit, adapter exclusive for FAIRLADY Z, harness, bolt nut and others.
28.500 yen
Z Sport LED perfect set Exclusive forZ34 It is a set exclusive for FAIRLADY Z. High quality LED map & room lamp, front sidelight, rear licence number light. It will totaly coordinates the FAIRLADY Z for night time driving.
Set contents
【Front sidelight】
Irradiate it with 30 points of high brightness 360 degrees SMD valve Fulbright white LED intensely to all 360 degrees directions.
【Rear licence number light】
Locate an LED element with high brightness side irradiation LED valve Fulbright white high brightness and the irradiation angle that are a wide area on the top and the side.
【Map lamp & room lamp】
It visibility up grade and the inside of car by the vivid emission of light of the PERFECTLED valve white LED.
By a car model, the setting will be 18, 27 points.
17,500yen ※ For Z34 coupe
14,500yen ※ For HZ34 roadster
Z Sport Software top cover■Exclusive use for roadster (HZ34).Prevents the deterioration of the hood of the roadster and the temperature rise while the car is parked.
The surface material uses the Tetoron which is high in water repellency, and raised fabric inward.