Central20 Original design. Made with the concept of "Do it more like Z".

Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar setBy attaching Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar the gap of the subframe and body will be filled and the frame center position will be kept.
By tightening the bolt with provision torque, Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar will fill up the unevenness and the body and a subframe will be united. Which improves the rigidity and handling of the car.
Exclusive use for FAIRLADY Z.Repeatedly tested and has shown good results at Central20.
21,000yen For front.21,000yen For rear.
Z Sport Suspension Kit The actual running test was done from the street to the circuit, then, finished the suspension kit with the rigidity feeling, delicate and steady. Front Overall Length Type, Height Adjuster Type Rear Height Adjuster Type Spherical Joint Upper Mount (Unadjusted) Spring Rates Front 10kg Rear 10kg ■6-stage adjustment type ■Possible to overhaul。