Central20 Original design. Made with the concept of "Do it more like Z".

Z Sport Over fender set. Exclusively for Z34Designed not to spoil the styling of FAIRLADY Z.
There is a sense of unity with the vehicle by designing it exclusively for Z34, and producing it.
It does not need an examination of structure change and does not need the remodeling application procedure by assuming right and left total width of the product 2cm.
The perforator processing does not need it for installation.(FRP made, uncoated product)
Front & Rear 8 piece set ¥54,600yen
Z Sports Front G NoseOriginal Central 20 design. It is produced “Nothing else feels like a Z” on a concept. It extended 7cm more than genuine to arrange a modern G nose. By greatly expanding open part in front of the bumper, it can introduce air into the engine room efficiently. Full Bumper Type
Front Emblem (attached)
Z Sports Rear BorderThe number-plate might not be able to install since it is produced for the Japanese standard (length 165mm × width 330mm). Please confirm the standardized size in other countries.
Full Bumper Type
Exclusive Rear Fog Lamp (attached)
(FRP made, uncoated product)
Z Sports Side Border To raise the rectifying effect for under surface of the body, the whole body has been extended downward.
Set the duct hole at the end part of the side border.
(FRP made, uncoated product)
Z Sports Rear Spoiler To process the flowing air efficiently, oneness with the body was given. It is the Rear Spoiler style integral with the wing end plate. Side decal is option.
\84.400yen(FRP made, uncoated product) Dedicated stay included.¥115.500yen Carbon-made/ Clear-coated finishing. Dedicated stay included.