Central20 Original design. Made with the concept of "Do it more like Z".

Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar setBy attaching Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar the gap of the subframe and body will be filled and the frame center position will be kept.
By tightening the bolt with provision torque, Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar will fill up the unevenness and the body and a subframe will be united. Which improves the rigidity and handling of the car.
Exclusive use for FAIRLADY Z.Repeatedly tested and has shown good results at Central20.
21,000yen For front.21,000yen For rear.
Z Sports Suspension Kit (Quantum base)It is a suspension improved ride quality significantly, and has stability at high-speed by suppressing the pitching at low speed. It finished the suspension up with uppermost ride quality and full of sports mind. The shock absorber is a short cylinder low-pressure gas structure of Quantum own style (Central original setting). Made of aluminum Front: screw type and height adjustment type Rear: height fixed Upper mount uses genuine products. Spring rate: Front 12kg Rear 8kg
Z Sports Suspension KitAfter a lot of thorough actual running test, the suspension kit was finished up with delicate ride quality and rigid impression. By making the height of rear body with fixed type, keep the roll center at the best position, and then the body becomes well-balanced direction further more. To correspond from the street to the circuit running, it designed the adjusting damping force type. Front: The overall length height adjustment type Rear: Height fixed Damping force six steps-adjusting (rotary valve method) Spherical joint type upper mount (non-adjustment) Spring rate: Front 12kg Rear 8kg
Z Sports Rear Member SpacerWhen the rear member is accelerated and it is at the cornering, the twist against to the body is eliminated, and the effect is demonstrated in steady behavior of the traction securing and the body. It becomes a direct feeling not obtained from the normal. Made of aluminum.
Z Sports Front Upper ArmThey are the best parts that increase the tire ground contact area to increase the cornering speed at the circuit running. The camber corner can be put about three degree. Because Nissan brand-name parts are used, they have strength, and their reliability is also outclassing.
Z Sports Wide Tread SpacerIt made a genuine aluminum foil “tsuraichi”. It designed exclusive use for Z33. The material of the main body is reliable duralumin, and bolt & nut is chromium molybdenum steel.
16,275yen Front 15mm 2 pieces set18,375yen Rear 25mm 2 pieces set