Central20 Original design. Made with the concept of "Do it more like Z".

Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar setBy attaching Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar the gap of the subframe and body will be filled and the frame center position will be kept.
By tightening the bolt with provision torque, Z Sport Subframe Rigid Collar will fill up the unevenness and the body and a subframe will be united. Which improves the rigidity and handling of the car.
Exclusive use for FAIRLADY Z.Repeatedly tested and has shown good results at Central20.
21,000yen For front.21,000yen For rear.
Z Sport Suspension kitThe setting that is most suitable in conformity to the run stages from the winding to a circuit is possible. It has special plating for rust prevention measures to the shell case. Spring rate Front 12kg Rear 9kg Full length ride hight ajustabe 30 steps decrement adjustment type Overhaul is possible.
Z Sport Front Strut Tower Bar It just fits in Z32 which the engine room is small. Made of oval shape aluminum shaft, blue alumite painting. Improves 50-60% of rigidity than the pipe of the shape conventionally.
Z Sport Rear Struttower BarMade of oval shape aluminum shaft, blue alumite painting, same as for front. ※ Processing of the interior decoration is necessary for product installation.