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Central20 Super Computer

Central20 Super Computer
Even for the Z33, we have performed CPU tuning more than 1,500 customers.

We have optimized CPU data by the process and developed the best CPU data.

The matching and the feel is more better than the Super Computer you have on your car now.
More satisfication is guaranteed with our CPU than before.
You can feel the differnce once you dirve it. Upgreaded Central20 Super Computer is a product we really are proud of.
It's the world of the exact setting with abundant data and the know-how.
The Central20 Super Computer gives setting in one one individual treatment basically.
  Our technical director sets up the each car's computer
just like it was done to the carburetor car in the past.
We set up in order to bring out the most performance from every individual vehicle.

The FAIRLADY Z33 type was released from 2002, and we have started analyzing the computer before that.
The numbers of Z33 & Z34 computers we have set up counts several thousand.
We provide precislly set up computer which differ with each
various attached parts on the car with the vast data accumulated by us.
Z34 Tax-included price
Central20 Super Computer 94.500 yen
Only speed limiter cut version.
42.000 yen
Existing car setting From 100,000 yen
Z33 Tax-included price
Central20 super computer 84.000 yen
Super computer data re-setting
21.000 yen
Setting on your car From 100,000 yen