Race career of Central20 president-director, "Z master" Haruhiyo Yanagida.


1969 Haruhito Yanagidawinsin the race that he participated coincidentally for the first time.
He made debut as a racing driver on a FAIRLADY.
1972 The GC series opening game, the race was in heavy rain. Finishes third place following two 7 liter McLarens.
He became "rainy Yanagita" and the legendary race handed down to see a state to pick off victory.
1975 "live on this work and decided so" Haruhito Yanagida established the"Central20" .
Started race activity.
Aiming at the spread of motor sports to the open market, he started to sale Nissan genuine parts, optional parts for races and the tuning of the ordinary vehicles.
1978 In ST & GT race, he outran the the rivals,
Savanna group of Mazda with the one and only FAIRLADY Z, and won three races, acquired a long-cherished class champion.
People started to call him "Z master" .
Based on know-how of the race activity, he launched sports parts brand "Z-SPORT" for FAIRLADY Z.
1983 Receiving technological assistance of Nissan, the Central20 RACING TEAM starts the domestic first C car structure.
The C car was named "FAIRLADY ZC" and the driver was Haruhito Yanagida.
The race fans and FAIRLADY Z fan were in tears of gratitude for the revival of"Z master Yanagita".
1988 For further improvement of "Z-SPORT" brand which is exclusive use of FAIRLADY Z, street tuning factory for general users was completed.
2002 FAIRLADY Z33 launched.
At the same time of the launche of FAIRLADY Z33, with the concept of"FAIRLADY 240ZG reviving in the present age" developed aero kit "350ZG" for exclusive use of Z33 mainly on the front G nose, and starts to sell.Longitudinal Four tale dual pipe muffler which recalls the FAIRLADY Z432 was developed and starts to sell. Not to mention performance up, the quality of the sound was also concerend.
2003 Eldest son of the Haruhito Yanagita, Masataka Yanagita. Under a strong pressure from "Z master" in father,
Masataka won all-Japan GT-300 class champion in FAIRLADY Z.
"The Z master"was succeeded, and the legend has succeeded.
2004 Developed an exclusive original parts kit"twin turbo kit"for the purpose of further power & torque up of FAIRLADY Z33 and starts to sell.
2008 Developed aero kit "370ZG" for exclusive use of FAIRLADY Z34 in with the concept of"Do it more like Z" and begin to sell it.
Developing original tuning parts for FAIRLADY Z with "Z-SPORT" brand sequentially afterward and continue releasing it.
2009 Expand the lineup of"Z-SPORT"original tune parts for exclusive use for Z34,
furthermore, develop tuning parts for exclusive use for FAIRLADY Z and sell it.
2010 Masataka Yanagita participates in the SUPERGT GT300 class in fair lady Z and wins
"Series champion".
2011 Masataka Yanagita participates in the SUPERGT GT500 class and wins"Series champion".
Following GT300 class champion of 2010 season, he accomplished the great achievement, first-ever two classes continuation champion.