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Central Co., Ltd.
Establishment: July, 1975
〒182-0035  1-32-34, Kamiishiwara, Chofu-shi, Tokyo
Business hours from 9:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday: 7 days a week (Except year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week,bon holiday period.)


Our policy is to make your car life more fun and nice with the know-how we obtained from longtime race activity.

Our president-director Haruhito Yanagida, with the nickname of " Z of Yanagida" has raced not only Japan but also Brazil, Macau with the FAIRLADY Z. The original parts produced by him would surely satisfy all of you.

We have absolute confidence toward not only FAIRLADY Z but all Nissan car tuning. Of course leave it to us, new car sale (not only but world wide makers), installation of car navigation system, car inspection, any thing about the car life including the automobile insurance.


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